Welcome to Sushi Cereal-the programming and designing aspect of it, anyway. 

This little side dish spawned as a simple love of designing websites for other clients-with a dash of original and personal touch.

I have my own set of fun sites that I delight in maintaining as well as my profession site, Flying Tiger Feng Shui. However, if you should want a site of your own and you need help with designing, programming or how to simply publish your site, you have come to the right place!  

Sushi Cereal specializes in creating websites for small businesses and for individuals, as I like to focus on personal customers. 

Sushi Cereal can create everything from websites to packages of banners and link buttons. 

Or, perhaps you prefer a layout, or improve your current website, with a fresh new bold look as well by optimizing the HTML coding or conversions to PHP. You need but ask. Sushi Cereal has extraordinarily reasonable prices and is willing to work to get what you want. 

Sushi Cereal uses high quality programs to get the job done right. These include Paint Shop Pro and Microsoft FrontPage.

Sushi Cereal offers these design services: 

Custom Designs
All from scratch. You tell us exactly what you want, and you get that. 

Template-Based Designs
These are pre-fabricated professional templates, which are modified to your needs. This is a faster mode of getting your website up and running as well as being more cost effective. 

Quotes on work? 

Please email me for quotes. Please include a brief description of what you would and how soon.

My preferred method of payment would be via an electronic money transfer such as PayPal.

And if you wish to look around, go ahead, knock yourself out....


Last updated: Feb 12, 2007