This is the fanlisting that is devoted to the tailless wonder,
the Manx cat.

If you find this breed fascinating or just plain adore them, then won't you join us?


March 19, 2007:   Happy Spring! Remember, if anyone wishes to send pictures of their Manx sweeties so I can make them into codes, please do so at here.

Every member that has joined has told me an interesting tidbit about the Manx cats they love! We love hearing about it and knowing we are not the only ones who appreciate this spectacular breed!

Scroll down and feel free to tell us about your adorable furbaby, the Manx breed, cats in general, cat links, cat health and all around feline fantastics!

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Cats and Kittens! A Forever Home-listing for adopted and rescued cats like my Manx! Those sumptuous torties! Fanlisting for Catster-online community of cats and their owners

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