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The Grand Inevitable
The Grand Inevitable  
+Toushin Homura Taishi, aka War Prince Homura

+Initiated: Oct 21, 2003
+Approved fanlisting for Homura of the anime, "Gensomaden Saiyuki." He's the heavenly godling in this series with a chip on his shoulder seeking a new world (dis)order, much to the chagrin of the heroes of Saiyuki! 

Somewhat Damaged
Somewhat Damaged 

+Initiated: March 13, 2004  
+Approved fanlisting for Kami-sama of the "Gensomaden Saiyuki" manga and the anime, "Saiyuki Reload." This enigmatic, demented priestlet delights in toying with Saiyuki's heroes with his wicked, self-righteous attitude. 

+Hazel Glosse

+Initiated: Dec 23, 2004. 
+Approved fanlisting for Hazel of the "Saiyuki Reload" manga and the anime, "Saiyuki Reload Gunlock." Hailing from the far West, this bishop clergyman makes life interesting for Saiyuki's heroes with his inquisition-style of eradicating the world of what he considers evil.

Aren't I something? 
Aren't I something? 
(converted to fanlisting)

+Kenren Taisho, aka General Kenren
+Initiated: Sept 18, 2003/Fanlisted: Jan. 25, 2005.
+Approved fanlisting for Kenren of the manga "Saiyuki Gaiden" and of the anime, "Gensomaden Saiyuki." This celestial general is a handful in Heaven's West Army. As a general, he should not be rebellious, nor carefree, nor speak his mind. But he is and he does.

Canned Heat
Canned Heat  
+Manga-ka Kazuya Minekura-senpai

+Initiated: June 8, 2004
+Approved fanlisting for Kazuya Minekura-senpai. She is the fantastic artist & artist of "Saiyuki," ("Reload," "Gunlock," & "Gaiden") "Wild Adapter," Bus Gamer" and more. This listing is co-run with the smashing & talented Mizu-chan!

+Manx Cats 

+Initiated: Feb 9, 2005
+Approved fanlisting for the breed of tailless cats which I love so much!



silence .or. solitude? 
+Seki Toshihiko
+Hosted: January 2005
+Approved fanlisting for Seki Toshihiko, a seiyuu (voice actor) of such characters as Gundam Wing's Duo Maxwell, Trigun's Legato and Saiyuki's Genjo Sanzo.



+IL-2 Forgotten Battles/Pacific Fighters freeware
+designed: Sept 2003
+Free user software to enhance your gaming experience with IL-2 Forgotten Battles and Pacific Fighters. The layout is crude but it was featured in two aviation magazines. *squee* I have been bugging the owner to please let me update it. It hurts me too much to see it in this way, LOL. However, the software featured is hailed as something extraordinary to gamers. 

Kuk Sool™ Won in Italy
+Korean martial arts school
+designed Winter of 2005
+Kuk Sool Won™ is a traditional Korean martial art, committed to improve the lives and well-being of people of all ages.  There are KSW schools all over the world and I have always wanted to do an official site for a KSW school. I am still the official webmaster for it as well.

I did one free of charge once for another KSW school in San Antonio, but the owner decided to grab someone else and make *another* site for the school as well. Not understanding this confusion of having two URLs for one place, I took mine down. That was rather unprofessional of her as I did it free of charge for the good of the school.  And yes, my site was, hands down, better designed, squee!

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