12 February 2007

Stubbin (Manx) and Cantata (Hazel) have been updated. We celebrate Stubbin's two years in the web!  I have also resumed the role of webmaster for the Kuk Sool Won School in Italy website! They could not live without me!

25 January 2007

New layout! It really needed some sprucing up! Changed the layout for Kenren's FL in celebration of 2 years running! More layout changes are in store for : The Manx and Hazel's FLs. Whee! 

9 January 2007

Happy New Year!  Hope all is well with everyone! Some site changes: I closed Iro-Otoko and Enchanted Shakujo as their interest wanes for me and I adopted out Hirata-san to a fan who will give it the attention it deserves! Boy, am I downsizing! Too busy being a mommy-enjoying that better than any anime!

18 October 2006

Happy Autumn! Had to revert back to my old faithful email, ri_seki@hotmail.com. All the FL sites are up and running! Thinking about giving up Hirata-san for adoption, however. Seiyuu needs lots of attention-they are not as hardy as little anime character muses. Layout change soon to come!

11 April 2006

Slowing moving all the sites onto the new server. As of right now, the Hazel, Homura and Kami-sama sites are up and running. The rest will soon follow. I have also needed to fix broken links and whatnot.

29 March 2006

Had to move from my old domain to Dream Host since it seems my fellow affiliate Shai seems so happy with it.  I grew tired of my databases crashing on me. Hopefully this new host will be all I could wish for.

30 December 2005
Affiliates abound! Not much has happened in Sushi Cereal, which is actually a good thing in terms of there not being any problems.  Plus I have been busy-I am now a Mummy! I have a beautiful baby girl that takes up all my free time-and I am not complaining! Happy New Year, everyone! 

1 September 2005
A giant move overseas and all kinds of chaos insured that your dear webmaster here could not possibly attempt to make any changes here in Sushi Cereal land. But destiny finally gave me some time to create a new layout for this place. 

As far as the status of my failed database, which cause a complete wipeout of the listings of all of my Fanlisting go.....

I feel that Hostonce, after over a month of not producing the backup to restore my crashed database, will never get off their arse to fix this humongous problem. (Sushi Cereal was not the only website to be affected, FYI)

I may sadly, have to start from scratch. I had over 300 member on Homura's FL, 200 on Kenren's and over a 100 (which took me SO long to reach) with Kami-sama's.  This is a lesson learned as I was JUST about to learn to back up databases but was not timely about it. 

The FLs will be restored to a "joining" status by the end of September. If you had joined and see you are no longer on the lists, please please rejoin. I swear this will never happen again. Thank you.

7 March 2005
Changed the layout of Cantata (Hazel FL). Received a code donation in the form of a fresh little blinkie by my little imouto, Sabrina-chan. <3

28 February 2005
New layout and new codes!
Out of the darkness and into the soft light with Kou of Wild Adapter!

13 February 2005
Sushi Cereal is now hosting Canned Heat
the Kazuya Minekura fanlisting! 

10 February 2005
Stubbin, the  Official  Manx Cat  Fanlisting is now open!

9 February 2005
Happy Chinese New Year!
Got approval to run the Manx Cat Fanlisting!

7 February 2005
Sushi Cereal has had the good fortune to adopt the Official Kenren Taishou Fanlisting!

3 February 2005
Sushi Cereal is now hosting silence .or. solitude? the Seki Toshihiko fanlisting. This is one fab FL, so check it out!

23 December 2004 
Cantata, the Hazel fanlisting is now open for business. Squee! Gotta love the bishop. Gotta love the bishop! 

16 December 2004
I graciously accept affiliation with the very awesome Absolute Trouble. All kinds of fanlistings are to be found here as well a wit pretty much unmatched.  *shimmer shimmer* 

Sushi Cereal has also been approved to run another (yeeeessss, another...) Saiyuki-based FL and is currently working on a project website for a martial arts school. Whee!

27 November 2004
Spruced up the place...bit of organizing. Added new codes. I am considering closing down a "non-updated" site that no longer piques my interest. We shall see. I am also awaiting a "yay or nay" on a new fanlisting *hope hope*

8 November 2004  
with a new fanlisting for that smashing seiyuu, Hirata Hiroaki, a smashing (hopeful) new affiliate and kewl new codes by the fantabulous Shai. Blessed am I, indeed!